Sutre is a solo performance which uses architectural costumes that evolve, transform and decay to act as a visual echo to the emotional score of the performer.  

Conceived as a response to the social sculpture and commodification of the female body, Madaleine models these costumes to reflect and reveal the complicated relationship to our self image.  

In a culture saturated with digitally manipulated images that create and confine our definition of the 'perfect' female body, it was important for her that this performance disrupts this with the presence of a 'real', live body.  In the holographic version of the performance (created in collaboration with Musion) Madaleine uses the technology to displace the body, engaging in a dialogue with the medium.  In as much as the live performance presents an imperfect body as the object of focus, the digitally manufactured image does not alter the body, thus subverting the potential of the technology to sculpt the female form. 

In Sutre we see her collaborating with costume designers Francisca Rios and Cristina Valls to create an improbable and visually astonishing melting dress, which for me should have won the main prize.
— Ian J Cole, Review of Aesthetica Art Prize, YorkMix

performances & EXHIBITIONS:

Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition
(Long listed artist) York St Marys, March-April 2013

Critical Costume Exhibition and Conference 
Edge Hill University, January 2013    

FA 1 
WrongWeather Gallery, Porto, Portugal, November 2011    

Extreme Costume Exhibition (UK representative)
Prague Quadrennial, Veletrzni Palace, 16th-26th June 2011.

Kinetica Art Fair
P3, 4th-6th February 2011

Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) 
30th May 2010

Shunt Lounge
11-14th November 2009

Conference Performance Teatro of XXXIV Festival Internacional De Teatro De Vitoria-Gasteiz
Teatro Jesus Ibañez The Matauko, Spain, 3rd November 2009

SPILL Festival’s National Platform
National Theatre Studios, 18th April 2009

Performer, director, producer:  Madaleine Trigg. Costume Design:  Francisca Rios and Cristina Valls.  Sound design:  Gill De La Tourette.